Tom Appleman


"I've always been around music and music teachers, even when I was younger. My dad taught at Berklee-and still does-so I would often sit in on classes."

  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
  • Performances with Kid Rock, JoJo, Robbie Krieger, the Drifters, Missing Persons, Brian O'Neal, Marco Benevento, the Slip, and Lettuce
  • Recordings include Money and Tell Me Why by Nick Panasevich (produced by Ray Bardani and Leo Sacks); Spread the Seed and Before, During, and After by Epileptic Disco; Transfarmerfunktet andBumpercropofunk by the Jazz Farmers; and Peregrin by Peregrin
  • Voted Boston’s Best Bass Player by Soundcheck Magazine (Vol. VII, 1996)